Bitter Gouard Palee Seed S F1-35 N ( पाली करेला ) - 7 gm

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₹ 95.00
नियमित रूप से मूल्य

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A well known hybrid that has an excellent combination of good vigor and earliness. Fruits are medium long with moderate but rather thick spines, which result in less damage during transport. Color is attractive dark green. Because of its enormously high yield potential, Palee is the farmer’s favorite in many markets.



  • Maturity days: 45-50

  • Shape: Spindle and semi spined

  • Diameter (cm): 5.0-6.0

  • Length (cm): 20-25

  • Vigor: Very Strong

  • Weight (g.): 100-140

  • Colour: Dark green

  • Plant: Highly Vigorous, prolific fruit set

  • Harvesting: 50-55 days after sowing

  • Suitable for long duration harvest

  • Variety Features: Long dark green, nice shape, semi spined, extremely high yielding