Calcium Nitrate (15.5% N & 18.5% Ca)

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  • ब्रैंड: IFFCO
  • प्रकार: Plant Nutrition
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Calcium Nitrate (15.5% N & 18.5 %Ca)


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  • Calcium is an important secondary nutrient for the growth of plants. Calcium Nitrate is an excellent source of calcium for crops.

  • In case of Calcium deficiency, and in acidic soils. It has a significant effect on crop growth, production as well as on quality.

  • It enhances the quality and prolonged shelf life of the produce in most of the crops.

  • It helps in the formation of new branches in plants, flowering, and fruit development, and helps to prevent fruit drop




  • Calcium Nitrate contains 15.5 % Nitrogen and 18.5 % Calcium.

  • It can be used as a basal application and as foliar spray also.

  • Useful for all crops i.e. Cereals / Legumes / Vegetables / Fruits / Vegetables etc.

  • In addition to Calcium, it also increased the availability of Nitrogen to the crops.