COMBO - Sagarika Gold-5Kg + Zinc Sulphate-5Kg

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  • ब्रैंड: IFFCO
  • प्रकार: Gardening Inputs
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Sagarika Gold (Seaweed Fortified Granules) 5 Kg


Sagarika Gold granules are fortified with red & brown marine algae along with humic acid for enhanced bio-stimulant activity. Marine algae are being cultivated and harvested from the Indian coast and are a source of livelihood for the coastal communities. Marine algae function as a metabolic bio enhancer as it contains proteins, carbohydrates & other inherent nutrients, vitamins, plant growth-promoting substances, humic and fulvic acid.


Mode of Application:


  • All field Crops- Apply @ 10 kg/ acre (1st application at the time of sowing/transplanting and 2nd application- 30days after 1st application).

  • For Orchards/Perennial vines 100-150 gm per tree/vines


Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate (33% Zn) - 5 Kg


Zinc sulphate monohydrate contain-33% Zinc and 15% Sulphur. Useful for all crops i.e. Cereals / Legumes / Vegetables / Fruits / Vegetables etc. It increases production as well as the quality of the crop produce. In addition to Zinc, it also increased the availability of Sulphur to the crops.


Uses and doses:


  • Basal application: Either through broadcasting at the time of sowing or By top dressing up to 45 days in standing crop. Depending upon crop, soil etc,  8-10 Kg of  ZnSO4 (33% Zn) required /Acre.

  • Foliar sprays: One can use 2- 3 gm ZnSO4.H2O (33%) + 2.5 gm lime/10 gm Urea per litre of water assuming that 500 litres of water is required for 1 ha.

  • As per requirement, spray can be repeated at 8-10 days interval.