Komugi (Pyriproxyfen 10% EC)

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Technical Name: Pyriproxyfen 10% Ec

Category: Insecticides

Mode Of Action: Systemic Insect Growth Regulator A Juvenile Harmone Analogue


Komugi is IGR belongs to Pyridine group of  insecticide. It is recommended for control of sucking pest like White Fly, Aphids on Cotton and Chilli crops. It is selective Insect growth regulator having Stomach, Contact and Translaminar action. It acts on multipoint of Insect life cycle, preventing Whitefly emergence from egg or interfere the Whitefly development and reproduction. It also make female sterile. Komugi requires thorough coverage of foliage. It should be applied at the start of  Whitefly incidence. It is effective tool in Integrated resistance management strategy.




  • It is highly selective insecticide and having low toxicity, it doesn't kill beneficial and predatory insects.

  • It is  and does not possess any threat to environment pollution. 

  • It is ideal for Integrated Pest Management.

  • It application should be done with fine spray and should cover both inside and upside of the leaf as well as lower, middle and upper portion of plant.