Rekishi (Sulfosulfuron 75% WG) – 13.50g

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Technical Name: Sulfosulfuron 75% WG

Mode Of Action: Systemic, Selective Post-Emergent Herbicide For Narrow Leaf Weeds In Wheat.

Systemic Herbicide belongs to Sulfonylurea Group

Rekishi is a systemic, selective post-emergent herbicide of sulfonylurea group. It effectively controls the narrow leaf weeds like Phalaris minor (Mandusi/ Guli danda) and broad leaf weeds like Chenopodium (Bathu), Malilotus (Sainji). Rekishi inhibits the synthesis of amino acids and stops the metabolic process, with the result weeds dry up and ultimately dies.


Method of Application:


Dissolve the total quantity of Rekishi (13.5 g kept in Pouch) in 8 litre of water. Add to the total quantity (500g) of Rekishi kept in other packet and mix them well. Use one litre of this stock solution / pump (15 litre) and spray on the crop. For better results use atleast 8 pump / acre and use only Flat Fan/Food Jet nozzle.




Never use Rekishi if Mustard, Sunflower, Pea or any other broad leaf crop is intercropped with wheat.



  • Sulfosulfuron is a selective post-emergence broad spectrum herbicide used for the effective control for Phalaris minor in wheat crop. It also controls broad leaved weeds like Chenopodium album and Melilotus alba.

  • Absorbed through the root system and/or leaf surface and translocated to symplast and apoplast

  • It controls subsequent flushes of Phalaris minor.

  • Early control, check competition for nutrients, moisture etc.

  • Best results are obtained when it is sprayed after 1st irrigation when soil condition is fit for spraying condition.