About Us

About GreenDay

Greenday is a 100% owned subsidiary of Greenday Ltd. Greenday outlets are operating under the brand name of Greenday

The full scale commercial operations started in April, 2016.

The objective is to provide modern retail experience to the Indian farmers by delivering agricultural inputs & other services under one roof.

Greenday also provides services like soil testing, Health Check-up etc. at its outlets. The products being made available to the farmers are seeds, fertilizers, bio fertilizers, pesticide, bio stimulants, cattle feed, sprayers and other agri implements.

During 2021-22, these stores sold 11.88 Lakh MT Fertilisers and other products like Nano Urea, Sagarika, Natural Potash, seeds, pesticides, bio fertiliser, spray machine, power tiller etc. Total turnover of Rs.1991 crore was achieved during FY 2021-22. Since inception the Company has expanded its operations in 26 States. The stores under operation are Company Owned Company Operated (COCO) and Franchise owned franchisee operated(FOFO). IeBL has also appointed Business Associates to carry on business in some states.

Board of directors