Bayar Roundup 1000 ml

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  • Brand:  Bayar

  • Applicable Time Stage:  3 To 5

  • Chemical composition: Glyphosate 41 SL

  • Dosage: 80-100 ml/pump or 800-1200 ml /acre

  • Method of application: Spray

  • Spectrum: For killing all weeds (non-selective); use only when there is no standing crop

  • Compatibility: Compatible with sticking agents

  • Duration of effect: 1 month of application

  • Frequency of application: Depends on pest incidence or severity of the disease.

  • Applicable crops: Tea, Non-Cropped Area

  • Extra Description: No need to mix salt in tank and compulsorily use clean water; Must be sprayed on weeds when there is sufficient moisture in the soil; must not be sprayed on a standing crop




  • Use only a Flat fan or Cut nozzle for spraying any herbicide.

  • Wash the sprayer with clean water before and after spraying.

  • Use proper dose as per recommendation. A high dose can lead to damage to crops and a low dose can lead to fewer results.

  • Mix the herbicide in small quantities (1-2 liters) or water first and then make the required volume with water (120-200 L/acre).

  • Use a minimum of 120 L of water in an acre for herbicide spraying.

  • Do not spray herbicide on windy and rainy days.

  • Judge the stage of crop and weeds in case of post-emergence application.

  • Store the herbicide in labeled containers and away from food material and children.

  • Ensure proper moisture is there in the soil before the application of any herbicide.