Gozaru (Copper Oxychloride 50% WP)

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Brand Name- Gozaru

Technical Name- Copper Oxychloride 50% WP

Mode of action- Broads Spectrum Contact Fungicide


  • It belongs to inorganic chemistry of copper

  • It is registered on many crops and wide range diseases spectrum.

  • It has a strong contact action at multiple sites of fungus and act as protectant fungicide.

  • It acts at pre penetration stage of fungus

  • It is a protectant fungicide which has to apply before the fungus invade the leaf surface.

  • It is having blue colored copper and is most economical fungicide.  It is also recommended on bacterial disease management.




  • It is a pH neutral product and is made of ultra- fine  particle ingredients.

  • It is easily mixed in water and have free flowing formulation.

  • It has rain fastening ability and have long residual action.

  • It also stops the saprophytic fungus growing on honey substance released by  many sucking pests like Aphids and Whitefly.