Gyandhara Doodh Plus 50 kg

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  • Best suited for cattle with a capacity of more than 15-liter milk production.

  • Increases milk production, fat and SNF

  • Increases the number of days of milk production during the inter-calving period




  • Good for cattles with more than 10 litres of milk

  • Rich in bypass protein

  • Increases animal fertility

  • Supporting the enhancement of immunity

  • Prevents protein deficiency in high milk-producing animals

  • Its dosage is half of the normal animal diet

  • Control of decline in milk production due to the high availability of mineral salts


How to Feed:


Soak in water for half an hour before feeding. After this, mix it in dry straw or feed it and then give it to animals. Dry animal food may also be fed.




  • For the physical nutrition of lactating animals, give 2kg of Hi-Power Cattle Feed per day according to body weight.

  • For every kg of milk produced, give 500 g Hi-Power Cattle feed separately to the animals – for their maintenance.

  • Animals of age 6 months or above should be given 500 g to 2 kg of Hi Power Cattle Feed as per the weight and age of growing animals.