Kissan Buveria Bassiana 1 Kg

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KISSAN BEAUVERIA is one of the pinnacle authorized biopesticides/pesticides for organic farming or gardening. This biopesticide/insecticide has safe insecticides for flora, vegetation, or domestic flowers. Kissan Beauveria pesticide is one of the best biopesticides for every crop. KISSAN BEAUVERIA is an insecticide/sundicidal fungus, which efficiently controls Lepidoptera ills including Heliothis, Spodoptera, DBM, Leaf Weber, American Sundies, Semiloopers, fruit borers, and so on in all sorts of vegetation.



  • Increase the potential of flora to combat sicknesses in organic farming.

  • Offers critical nutrients to crops in organic farming.

  • Increase the productiveness of the vegetation in organic farming.

  • Makes vegetation healthful in organic farming.

  • Increases the profitability of the farmers in organic farming.