Root Star (Mycorrhiza) 4 kg Jar

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Root Star is the fine biofertilizer based on VAM (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza). This Mycorrhiza biofertilizer act as a growth regulator. Plants with mycorrhiza take place better boom content material like cytokinin and auxin which stimulates plant boom. This biofertilizer strengthens and spreads the foundation system of plants in organic farming. The plant gives phosphorus to the plants from the soil in immoderate quantity and makes other factors available as food quickly. It is likewise a great biofertilizer for veggies. This product is used for the root boom of the crop.

How to Use Root Star (Mycorrhiza)(Bio Fertilizer/Manure):

1. Quantity 1.5 to 2 kg. Per acre.
2. Use it at the time of sowing whilst giving 1st fertilizer and 2nd fertilizer.

Packing Available (Root Star):  2 kg and 4 kg Jar


1. This biofertilizer increases the number of roots
2. This biofertilizer/manure keep the soil erosion
3. This biofertilizer/manure makes illnesses free crop
4. This biofertilizer/manure offers plants the capability to combat in opposition to damaging situations like drought
5. This biofertilizer/manure reduces the fee of production for the farmer6. This biofertilizer/manure increases crop yield