SRS Mustard Seed (Maxxtard 402 Yellow)

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  • Mustard Seeds have pungent taste and aroma,

  • Flavour: hot and spicy

  • Uses: Oil and powder form

  • Mustard Seeds are used to make Sauce, Paste that are used in preparation of various sandwiches and barbecue dishes.

  • Mustard Seeds adds great taste to vegetable dishes and curries with pleasing aroma.

  • They are also used in salad dressings and pickles.




  • Mustard Seeds helps in digestion.

  • Mustard Seeds are great source of B-complex Vitamins which are required for functioning of nervous system and regulating body metabolism.

  • Calcium, manganese, copper, iron, and zinc are some of the minerals that are concentrated in Mustard Seeds.

  • Regular consumption of mustard can control Asthma, helps to lose weight, can slow ageing, lower cholesterol, stimulates hair growth and improves immunity.

  • Mustard paste helps to relieve arthritic and muscle pain.