Sulphur-Shakti (Sulphur 90% P&G) - 3 Kg

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Sulphur Shakti biofertilizer (Sulphur 90%) is a high nutrient utilized by crops, which is very useful for plant growth and development. Sulphur Shakti biofertilizer (Sulphur 90%) is beneficial for potatoes, wheat, all sorts of veggies and results. The use of this biofertilizer reduces sulphur deficiency within the floor and increases the yield. There is a special synergy between nitrogen and sulfur. Due to a lack of Sulphur, Pithe isn't able to soak up nitrogen nicely.


Symptoms of Sulphur deficiency: Due to deficiency of sulphur, the colouration of the leaves turns yellow and the boom of piths stops.
Crops: For all plants or crops.
Quantity: 3 kg in keeping with an acre (Granular), 5 kg in step with an acre (Powder)
Packing of Sulphur Shakti bioertilizer: 1 kg / 5 kg powder, 3 kg / 15 kg Granulated (bucket).



  • It will increase the fine of the plants.

  • It gives important nutrients to plants.

  • Increases the productivity of the vegetation.

  • Makes plants healthy.

  • Increase the profitability of the farmer