Taiyo Plus (Thiamethoxam 30% FS)

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Technical Name: Thiamethoxam 30% FS

Mode Of Action: Broad Spectrum, Contact, Stomach And Systemic Insecticide For Controlling Sucking Insect Pest


Features and USP:


  • Taiyo plus is a systemic seed treatment insecticide.

  • Taiyo plus protects against target pests by interfering with receptors that transmit the message to continue feeding.

  • Taiyo plus acts on different sites of action in the insect.

  • Taiyo plus provides control of a wide range of early season sucking and chewing, leaf-feeding and soil-dwelling insect pests, such as aphids, wireworms, flea beetles, and leaf miners.

  • Taiyo plus is used to treat the seeds of corn, cotton, sugar beets, oil seed rape, canola, wheat, barley, soybean, sorghum and other field crops.