Zakiyama Plus (Pendimethalin 30% EC)

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Technical Name: PENDIMETHALIN 38.7% CS



  • It belongs to Dinitroaniline chemical group.

  • It is a broad spectrum, selective pre-emergent and pre-plant incorporation herbicide recommended in soyabean, Onion, Chilli and Cotton crops for effective control of annual grasses, sedges and broad leaved weeds.

  • Zakiyama Plus inhibits cell division and elongation thus inhibiting root as well as shoot growth and finally prevent weed emergence.

  • It is based on advance capsule technology in which active ingredient packed in capsule form. Because of this technology the molecule is released slowly on soil surface and gives prolonged control of newly emerged weeds.




  • Absorbed through both the leaves and rooting of weed plants.

  • Inhibits the cell division at the time of weed seed germination.

  • Safe for environment and soil microclimate.

  • Cost effective herbicide due to one-shot solution and provide longer duration control on weeds.

  • It has no residual effects due to which it doesn’t affect adversely on subsequent crops.


Application and Dosage Recommendation :-


Crop Name  of  Weeds Dosage / Acre  
Formulation Dilution in water (litres) Waiting Period
(ml)        (In Days)
Onion Dactylocteniumaegyptieum, Dinebra Arabica,Digitariasanguiulatis,Echinochloa spp., PortulacaoleraceaCommellina sp., Digitariaarvensis, Amaranthusviridis,Trianthemaportulacastrum,. 600-700 200 104 Days
Chilli Echinochloacolonum, Dinebra Arabica, Brachiariamutica, Portulacaoleracea, Amaranthusspp., Commelian spp., Partheniumhysterophorous,Digeraarvensis, 600-700 200 98 Days
Cotton Digitariasanguiulatis, Echinochloacolonum,Dinebra Arabica, Eragrastis minor, Lantana camara, Brachiariamutica,  Portulacaoleracea, Amaranthusspp., Partheniumhysterophorous, Commelinacommunis. 600-700 200 101 Days
Soybean Echinochloacolonum, Dinebra Arabica, Digitariasanguiulatis,Brachiariamutica,Dactylocteniumaegyptieum, Portulacaoleracea,Amaranthusviridis,Cleomeviscosa,Euphorbia geniculate.